Broadcasting multiple unique identifier

I need to broadcast multiple unique identifiers from the same location.

I can place multiple estimotes, but is it possible to configure one estimate to cycle through multiple unique identifiers?

If this can be done multiple times a second iOS clients should recognise both identifiers.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your question. Normally it's not possible but could you please develop your use case? Maybe I will be able to advice better.


I'm betting his use case is "roll your own" security.

I have a use case where I need multiple iBeacon ID's in one location to support multiple Apps.

The question is related to cost/convenience of deploying multiple beacons or being able to deploy a single beacon that can broadcast multiple ID's.

The target would be 4-5 co-located beacon ID's

Hi Andrew,

For the sake of service quality, in the end multiple Beacons would prove much better than rotating UUID on a single device.