1 Location beacon broadcasting two iBeacon signals

Hi we bought a couple of location beacons.(6)

1 of those beacons does some weird things. It sends out 2 ibeacon signals one of which i can’t change the UUID or the major and minor values (major: 100, minor: 100) from. When i want to configure it with the estimote app and turn off ibeacon it still broadcasts this weird UUID.

Is there a way to get rid of it?

Thanks in advance


I’m having the same issue on more than 30 beacons… did you ever get an answer from estimote ?

Many thanks in advance for your help


I recently bought 3 location beacons and i am having the same issue. I would also like to turn off the broadcasting of this weird UUID. Anyone know whats the problem?


The other iBeacon packet is being broadcast as part of Estimote Monitoring and Indoor Location. If you disable Estimote Monitoring/Indoor Location broadcasting on your beacon in the Estimote app, it should go away.