UUID, Major, Minor must be unique

I'm using the Estimote iOS app and attempting to set two different Estimote iBeacons to share the same combination of {UUID, Major, Minor} but I'm running into an error saying this is not allowed.

Is there any way around this?

The reason I need this is because my application has defined virtual zones using Major and specific locations encoded as Minor. Some of these locations are large physical spaces that I'd like to achieve coverage using more than one iBeacon. There is a limit to how many specific beacons iOS will track, so I don't want my app to have to track more distinct beacons and do the grouping in software. Much easier to just have two (or three) beacons be able to share the same UUID,Major,Minor, which iOS happily thinks is a single physical beacon (I know this because it works with some other non-Estimote beacons I'm testing).

Hi Joe,

It's not possible to set the same UUID, major, minor on Estimote beacons.
However, in your case, I'd recommend defining the monitoring regions by UUID and major.

Then, you'll be able to monitor for beacons with those settings only.
You can read more here:

Hope it helps!