Beacons With Duplicate Names, UID, Major, Minor

Through a comedy of errors on my part, I have 3 pairs beacons that have the same Name, UID, Major #, and Minor # as the other in the pair. It only shows as one beacon in the Estimote app, but when I try to connect to the beacon, editing is disabled. If I try to update one of them via the Cloud app (like changing the name), the change is not applied to either one. This seems to rule out connecting to either via an app like the Configuration App template.

Any guidance is much appreciated.


Yes, our iOS app currently doesn’t handle non-unique UUID+major+minor combinations for Proximity Beacons too well. We’ll be addressing that in the future, but for now—any chance you could get your hand on an Android device and use the Estimote Android app to make them unique? Sorry for the trouble!

Ah. Didn’t realize it was different under Android. I’ll give that a try and let you know. Thanks!


Your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks!


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