Beacon's battery

I received 3 beacons a week before.but one of them were low battery.i found that by checking android sample app.there it shows what is the battery first that beacon showed like 97%,then within 20 minutes it was like 77%,then again 65%.i thought may b it is a mistake.but today when i checked it again that beacon doesn't display in my app.that means it is with dead battery.what is your solution.we paid for why do we have to face this issue?what is your solution for this?


Sorry for the issue. Please write to contact[at] and we'll work it out.

Best regards!

Mine are all dead too - why can't Estimote just post the procedure to replace the battery instead of al these private replies???

Hi sydney,

In my case i replaced the battery by myself.Now it works fine.It is not a hard just have to buy a lithium 37 battery.Less than 37 batteries also works with beacons.but you have to connect using wires on something which carry electrics,if you use less than 37 lithium battery.You have to remove the back side of the beacon and then you can replace the battery.Battery will be around USD $1 in here Sri lanka.It should be same price for you guys too.

Good Luck..!!!!

Thx - I did it too but the base now can't be tight as it was.

Yes it can't be tight as it was.i just wrapped it.