Did it easy to replace Estimote battery?

I’m using beacon with individual purpose in real life with using high interval and power. I saw on the Estimote’s app the battery will be drained in 12 months. I saw the beacon looks difficult to replace new battery, any body tried to replace battery before? I also know about Flip to sleep, in fact, we save battery by this way but at the end, we need to replace with a new battery.

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You’ll need to cut the enclosure to pull the beacon out, and then you can easily replace the battery. And drop us a line at contact@estimote.com, we’ll send you new enclosures—you just put the PCB back in and seal the rear of the enclosure with a special tape that’s included = waterproof again (:

Here’s what they look like:

(Picture courtesy of: https://twitter.com/dr_m_kroll/status/634798636090662912)