Beacon battery life

Hi, we have probably 20+ beacons which arrived around December last year and without changing anything, most have died (batteries are dead) what happened to the two year life span, yes I know the batteries were around 49% when we got them so that should mean they last a year not 4 months.

I will second this. Mine are down to 6% and I have power at Low (200). I have not heard anything from Estimote when I emailed them.

Any guidance from Estimote would be appreciated.

I've sent a message to you today. Please check your inbox.

Could you please write to me at: ola at and we will resolve this.

Thank you!

We're having the same issue as well, of the 6 developer preview versions we have, 3 have died completely, and the other 3 are at around 6% battery life. I've had to open them to replace the batteries as we need them to be working, all are rev. D3.2 with a production date of 19-09-2013.

It seems a bit strange that we all have to email you separately also, given the number of people asking about this you would think some kind of FAQ or other form of getting an answer would be easier for everyone.


I apologize for this situation and additional communication involved.
It's just that every case has to be investigated individually and it's easier to do this one by one.

There are a few factors that influence battery life and we have to determine them precisely.
Thank you for your message!

Hello Ola, I've sent you an email, can you let me know if you received it, it will be from

I'm the same situation. I wrote to your community manager.
My beacons are dead after only 4 months...

Michael, Paolo,

Please check your mailbox, I've just sent you messages.

Ola has been in contact me several times, so I wanted folks to know they are trying to help with this issue. It looks like battery replacement for the beacons. Hopefully we will get more than 4 months of life out of a battery.

I also am having an issue with battery life, I received my beacons approx Dec last year and the batteries were dead as of today. fitting the same 3-4 month period others are experiencing.

should I also send an you an email?

Just when I had the time to dev with the kit, I used the Estimote app and none of the beacons can be detected. Batteries appear dead after four months (arrived late November)

Hi all, it is likely this is not a battery issue but a bug with iOS 7.1. I believe estimote are working on an update to resolve this issue, however if you scan for beacons using BLExplr or eBeacon, this should identify if your beacons are still on. Keep the community updated :)

Actually mine were dead, I scanned for the beacons with other scanners and none showed them. I replaced the batteries and they are working fine now. All the scanners show them including the Estimote demo app.

Lewis, Its not an issue with iOS 7.1, as some of us are using the Android SDK.

I'll keep broadcasting ranges low and see if that helps make a difference

In my case at least, changing to BLExplr and eBeacon shows my beacons. I was testing using the Estimote app on an iPhone 5s with iOS 7.1 (which do not show the beacons)

That is the same problem I've been receiving, the app just won't find it. I'm going to do some debugging later to see if I can get anywhere :)

Restarting the app fixes the problem on iOS 7.1. See Hopefully Estimote comes up with a fix soon (or explains what the exact iOS bug is), or suggest an alternative

I'm from Vietnamese. I placed an order for a Developer Kit.
I have just received the goods at date 28/05/2014.
I checked battery of beacon:
- Green: 30%
- Blue: 80%
- Violet: 60%.
Why is battery not 100% ?

Hello guys,

Thank you all for sharing your experience.

Just to make it clear, as I can see most of you experienced either the issue with iOS 7.1.1 bug (other apps detecting beacons) or simply the issue with a battery explained in the blog post here:

As for the iOS bug, please read the thread about it here:

In general, if it's the issue with a battery, please write to me and I will be able to help you out with replacing the battery and sending new enclosures.


As power usage in beacons fluctuates greatly all the time, it's really difficult to get accurate readings. We developed algorithms that are based on average of many readings and they reflect the reality to some extent only.

We're still improving them and they will be for sure more accurate in the next app update.

Let me know, if you have any other questions.