EstimoteTelemetry + Eddystone

I’ve tried to get battery level from Eddystone-TLM, but it’s no so easy, because I can only get the battery voltage.
So I activated Estimote Telemetry.
I’ve also activated Eddystone-UID.

Eddystone-UID is using for simple indoor location. If a beacon is detected, the app knows, in which room is the user.
Now, I want additionally to get the battery level and temperature. I do it with TelemetryListener.

The problem is:
with EddystoneListener I get list of Eddystone-objects,
with TelemetryListener I get list of EstimoteTelemetry-objects.

First have macAddresses, second deviceIds.

  1. How can I match the data to the same beacon, if I only have Eddystone-Object and EstimoteTelemetry-Object?
  2. Or is it possible to get deviceId from namespace and instance of beacon?

Yup, that’s a bit of a tough one (;

One solution that comes to my mind I already sort-of described here, in point 4:

i.e., use the /v2/devices endpoint to fetch all your beacons’ data, including their device identifiers and namespace and instances, and cross-reference that.