Beacon Unresponsive

I have 1 beacon from my 2 dev kits that is having issues, the other 5 are fine.

I can use the test app and select it from the radar and it tells me “Authenticating as …” and then times out. I can still see the base data such as UUID, Major, Minor, etc but can’t see or adjust Location name or any of the other settings under it. I can see the same beacon on the cloud portal and UUID, major, minor, etc. and when I try to update it there it never completes. It just says Pending Changes… The UUID is the default and matches the UUID of my other 5 beacons.



Shoot us a message to, and let us know the beacon’s MAC address and your order number—we’ll see if there are any known issues and fix you a replacement.

Sorry for the trouble! :persevere: