Beacon take time on disappearance

I am an android developer and this is my first time that i am integrating estimote beacons in one of my app.
First of all i want to appreciate your great efforts to design and develop this android SDK.
I almost found every functionality from sample app that i need in my application.

I have implemented Ranging Listener in my app to detect the beacons from my surrounding it works fine and detect the beacons quickly but the problem is when i turned off any of my device’s transmitter it take almost 10 sec to disappear from my app’s beacon list.
Please tell me how can i reduce this time?

(Note: i am not using real beacons but i am using estimote app to act as a beacon)

That delay is actually a feature, not a bug (:

Some Android devices can “lose” a beacon from their radar for a few seconds even if you remain very close to the beacon. And even with very receptive Android devices, the beacon signal can get temporarily obstructed for a moment. So in order to make sure that the beacon really is out of range, our SDK waits 10 seconds, and if the beacon doesn’t “come back” within that time, only then it considers it truly out of range, and removes it from the ranging listener and/or fires the “exit” event.

I believe you can change this 10-second interval with the setRegionExitExpiration method.