How prevent detection of device while once device is in range of beacons?

I am implementing one android app using beacons for attendance purpose.
now i just want entry time and exit time of android device while its range in beacons but this timestamp require only once in a day, so now the problem is beacon is checking device is in range or not in every 30 seconds means its keeps notifying in every 30 second whether device is in rage or not.
So can you please help me here how to prevent this detection and how to manage entry and exit time only once in a day?

one more thing I would like to ask, while device is in range of beacon then also sometimes its shows device is exited from range, Why this happens?

to last question: It happens, because the signal is not stable. It fluctuates between a special value. If it happens too often, try to increment your RegionExitExpiration

Thanks for replay.
Can you tell me how to increase RegionExitExpiration?


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ok Thank you once again.

Is it possible to disable RegionExitExpiration at all? The lowest value is 1 second.
In my case I want to see immediately when a Sticker disappeared.

That’s hardly a good idea :slight_smile: The exit expiration is there to prevent false exits—if you set it to a very low value or even 0, as soon as the smartphone misses the sticker in a single scanning cycle (which can happen due to external factors), it’ll report an exit.

In Estimote Android SDK 1.0.12 setRegionExitExpiration(x) has no effect. It seems to stay always 20000ms=20s
please fix it!