Beacon keeps disconnecting after 10 seconds

I'm having an issue with some of my beacons. Exactly 10 seconds (a few tens of milliseconds overhead) after making the connection to the beacon, it disconnects me.
This happens only with with two beacons, i've tried, but not with three others. It can't be related to the host device, since this happens on both iPad, iPhone, iPadMini and Android (4.4.2) using the Estimote App, as well as with my own Android app.
I've been doing a lot of development and testing using this beacon, so one guess is that it could be the battery that is running out? When reading the battery-characteristic, however, it reads 0x64 (100%), so it says that it is full, and that's what is shown in the official app as well.
The beacon has Operating System "Estimote OS A2.1"
and Hardware revision "D3.4" if that is of any use.

Do you know if i can fix this disconnecting behavior?


Hi Christian,

A beacon normally disconnects from the device after 10 seconds if it can't find itself as assigned to the Cloud account used by this device.

Have you created your Cloud account and are your beacons assigned to it? Do you use the valid API Key in your app?

The beacon disconnects with your own Estimote App, both on Android and on iPhones/iPads i've tried. As far as i can see, not cloud connection should be neccessary, (and indeed: not possible at all in the Android app). The authorization is done between the App and the beacon (using Gatt Service UUID "B9402000-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D"). Other beacons does notdisconnect , and this one also did work nicely two days ago. Then the disconnects started appearing, but only rarely, and since last night, i've been disconnected every 10 seconds.
I've got another beacon which is a little temperamental, but i guess, it's because i've turned-down the power to minimum, and so even small obstacles interrupts the connection. Two other beacons show no issues whatsoever.

Hey Christian,

Let me confirm—the disconnection also happens in the iOS app? Can you let me know what it looks like on the Beacon Details screen? What are the messages appearing below the beacon image?


When first connecting, it says:
Authenticating as
xxxx@xxxx.xx (i won't use the real name in public)

Then when i get connected after approx. 4 seconds:
Connected as

And after another approx 6 more seconds (10 seconds from connecting):
Tap to reconnect

When i tap it, it goes through the same cycle again.
This was done on an iPad-mini (ios-7)

Thank you—this is super helpful. Was it always like this or did the problem appear only recently? Could you also let me know the beacon's MAC address? You can send it to piotr (at) not to disclose it in public.

Hi, same problem here after few months without beacons (out of charge).

I've changed battery and updated the firmware as suggested by Estimote's App.

One of the three beacons losts the connection exactly as described from Christian.

I've sent you by email the MAC address and other infos. Hope you will solve the problem.

Hi Luciano,

Sorry to hear about the problem. Can you check if this beacon is assigned to your account in Estimote Cloud dashboard? Also, please take a look if the ID (UUID, Major, Minor) written in the cloud matches details of physical beacons.

Keep in touch.


Hi, everything seems to be correct in the dashboard.
The cloud has correct IDs and details for every beacons, as shown in the screenshot I sent you just right by email.
Thanks a lot.

Hey Luciano, thanks for the email. Can you make sure you're on the latest version of the app and/or SDK? If the beacon still gives you troubles, just email our support team (contact [at] and mention this thread, and we'll issue a replacement.

Hi, I deleted and installed again Estimote app: I have the same problem.
The beacon disconnects himself After some seconds.
The I tap to connect again, it stays connected for some seconds, then disconnects again.

Instead, With my apps usign your sdk, the beacon isn't located at all :-(

What else can I do? I'll try everything..cause I need all my three beacons for an important project..

Thanks guys for your support. You're great

Hey Luciano, don't worry. This looks like a hardware issue, so just reach out to our support team (contact [at], point to this thread and we'll send a replacement dev kit.

Hi, i have this problème of disconnection, how can i associate my beacon with my app ? Thanks

Can you contact our support team ( and let them know the MAC address of the beacon?