Beacon ownership

Hi, I buy 6 beacons from Taobao (You can trust it as Chinese eBay). However, when I try to use the Estimote iPhone App to change some setting on the beacons, it shows that "beacon is not belong to ...", which block me from changing those settings. May I know how I can fix this?

Hi Ricky,

Did you buy our beacons from Taobao? Our app does not support other manufacturers' beacons.

Hi Ula, yes, it's Estimote iBeason. I order 2 developer kits from 2 vendors from Taobao. Can you please let me know how I can transfer those beason to my own account, so that I can config the beacon?

Hi Ricky,

I'm going to need order numbers (Taobao vendors should send them to you) in order to confirm that those are your beacons now. Let's switch to private messages, so the numbers can stay confidential - please, drop me an e-mail at ula(at)