Scanning and finding the range and placement side of beacon

Hi to all community members.
I am new to estimote ibeacons and currently have four proximity ibeacons. Currently
we designed an application that searches for ibeacons in a zone and displays it in list view. Now we want to add another functionality mean when the user clicks on any searched ibeacons it should now shows where the ibeacon is placed means either it is near or far away and at what side of the user it has been placed same like the estimote official application. Please see the below image. We need to add this feature now to our app. we searched out the official docs but unable to figure it out from where we should start. Any help would be appreciated.

What libraries/APIs do you use to detect iBeacon? Just plain Core Location?

Thank you for your time.we are using the estimote official’s source mean the proximity sdk.

@heypiotr as the official application of the estimote detect the ibeacons. Thought we are successfull in finding the beacon but we are unable to detect at which the ibeacon is placed corresponding to the user application.Suppose we placed two beacons on left side of the user and the other one on right side of the user so once the app detects it should be show there that this beacons is placed on the left side or on the right side of the user just the official application does. We need help as we are unable to figured out the placed how to detect this.

There’s currently no way to detect left/right or any sort of direction.

With a real radar, note that the radar itself spins, and this is how it’s able to figure out the direction of the incoming signal. Greatly simplifying things: it compares the strength of the signal to its current rotation, and after a full spin, it can see where the signal was the strongest.

I could go into more details about directionality, Angle of Arrival, Angle of Departure, etc., but I don’t want to bore anyone :slight_smile: Long story short, currently this is not possible with most beacons and smartphones, but it would be with some changes to the beacon or smartphone hardware. But that’s probably outside the scope of this discussion.

The beacon on the radar in the Estimote app are just placed randomly/evenly around the circle.

@heypiotr thank you for such great info.
“Greatly simplifying things: it compares the strength of the signal to its current rotation, and after a full spin, it can see where the signal was the strongest.”
As you mentioned this so if this possible we can get our goal. could you help us in achieving this sir. It would be very helpful for us.

I was describing (in simplified terms) how radars work (: This isn’t possible do to with current beacon hardware or software, unless you want to make yourself a custom beacon/smartphone with a rotating antenna (or an array of antennas).

its not a matter of designing the radar like UI we already designed our own. our main goal is how the official app found the beacon right place. when we search the beacons with the official application it shows where it is placed mean in near or far or in away regain and the placement of beacon related to the user mean either it left side or right side etc. we only need the last feature not the radar UI.hopes now you would get me sir.

You can do near/middle/far by creating 3 Proximity Zones, each with different .inCustomRange(...). (e.g., 1.0 m, 5.0 m, 10.0 m)

Left/right, like I mentioned, is not possible right now.