Show direction from user to beacon


Im creating an app that should show direction to beacon from user. Is it possible to show the Navigation?

Hi shymol,

showing the direction means saying

  • go North to encounter the beacon
  • The beacon is on your left

for you?

I think it’s not possible with only one beacon, because you receive the transmitted power and the RSSI to calculate the distance, but no indication about the direction.
Think about more beacons to know the exact position; you would be able to indicate direction.


Thanks Ximun thats what I am looking for. How can we show direction with multiple beacon?

I don’t exactly know how to do it, but this is an example:

  • with a beacon on a wall, you can have your position on a sphere around the beacon,
  • with a second beacon placed on the opposite wall, calculating the intersection of two spherical areas, you have a circle,
  • intersecting with a plan (that represents the ground) you have 2 points,
  • one of the point is behind a wall, so you know the exact position of the phone.

See the images here to visualize the intersections.

They are many configurations, it depends on the environment (walls, stages, …).

I’m not a mathematician, but I hope it would help you :wink:

Thanks Ximun…this is helpful.

If you want to use this for indoor navigation, then our Indoor Location technology should help (:

Hi, We are developing an application in android using Estimote beacons,
we have created the map using IOS application, and able to see the map on android device using estimote indoor-android sdk.
we need help in showing the direction to the beacon, is there a way to show whether the beacon is right or left to the use.