Beacon Activation Help

Hello I ordered my beacons from amazon and it says my email doesn’t own them and when I use my activation key it says that my key had already been used.

I am having the exact same issue. Ordered from Amazon and cloud says they are already active. Did you return them or were you able to get them on your account?

Hey guys! This was just be an icky bug in the UI, telling you they’re already active when actually, it’s assigned the beacons successfully to your account. Check your account and confirm for us if you still don’t have beacons there. Bug is solved!

Orders going through Amazon are simply more difficult to get assigned, since Amazon’s privacy policy restricts us from having your email address at the beginning of the purchase. When orders are placed directly from our website, we assign the order automatically to the email on file. With Amazon, we ship activation codes as a substitute method, but it has some kinks to work out.