Availability of Estimote Location SDK

I have a project where by we wish to use an OSX or tvOS based application to detect the proximity of an estimote sticker within a mapped space instrumented with location beacons. The idea is that proximity detection would then trigger notification events to be sent.

From what I can tell, the Estimote Location SDK is only available for iOS (amongst the Apple targeted offerings), and so OSX and tvOS platforms do not support this SDK. What would be the best approach for setting up and interacting with Estimote beacons and stickers on such a project?

My first thought here was to simply build a configuration app in order to configure the mapped space and location beacons (do we really have to do this via iOS?). However, I’m not too clear on how one would then be expected to build a proximity monitoring service? The Estimote Cloud REST API doesn’t look sufficiently rich enough to configure or extract this proximity data?

Any help or ideas here much appreciated,


You’re right, Estimote SDKs are not available for macOS and tvOS, so I’d suggest just using the system Core Bluetooth framework to do the discovery.

A while ago, I wrote an example which shows how to detect Eddystone packets with Core Bluetooth on iOS:


It should be a good start point to see how to use Core Bluetooth to detect beacon advertisements, and you should be able to easily compile it for macOS and tvOS.

If you want to detect Estimote Stickers, you’d have to use the Nearable packet instead of the Eddystone packet. The specification of the Nearable packet is available here: