Indoor Location Solution for Museums

Dear All,

IT Craft company has developed a great Indoor Location Solution for Museums for our client. You can watch a short video describing this application here:

If you are interested in cooperating with our client and would like to use this application or to create something from scratch using estimote beacons please let us know. We are delighted to discuss with you any great ideas!

Thanks and warm regards,

Estimote indoor work in android?

Yes, sure, it works.

Yes, I am interested to use this apps

Please, give me your mobile phone number or add me by my Skype ID kate.bulavina to discuss in more details.

I search in estimote documentation and only found the indoor SDK for ios :frowning: actually i’m developing a bridge for Unity3d and cordova

Did you check this article?

Curious, are you building just the two bridges, one for Estimote Android SDK => Unity3D, and the other one for Estimote Android SDK => Cordova?

Or are you building some app that somehow integrate Estimote, Unity3D, and Cordova?

Both, the bridge beacons -> Unity3D is complete in ios/android, actually I am working on in app with background scan.

In Cordova, I have running in android successful, but ios don’t compile me for now. (testing on ionic2)

@Kateryna_Grankina thank you. For tracking a receiver, you don’t are using the indoor location SDK? or you simulate the path with the proximity data (acuraccy, RSSI)

you can use the tagpoint plataform for free if you have the developer serial number,

sign in at after go to campaign and press developer button -> use serial db15xh

just put their uuid major and minor they offer in your beacon and done, the tagpoint app will detect your beacon, go to tagpoint app-> config -> beacon -> apropriate and done, return to plataform and start creating campaigns

tutorials at subtitles in english will help you