Android direction detection

Hi I am new to developing apps for ibeacons. I would like to know more about the limitations of these beacons

Is the possible to create a app for android that able to specifically pinpoint the exact location of a beacon and direct the user towards the the location to beacon? Somewhat similar to a GPS.

Hi Andrew,

Beacons themselves are not designed for precise indoor location: they're great for approximating location and providing local context to mobile apps and devices.

However, we've also released Indoor Location SDK, which uses complex algorithms to provide avergae accuracy of around 1 meter. It's iOS only for now, but we will release Android version in the future.

You can read more about Indoor Location SDK here:


Hi, We are developing an application in android using Estimote beacons,
we have created the map using IOS application, and able to see the map on android device using estimote indoor-android sdk.
we need help in showing the direction to the beacon, is there a way to show whether the beacon is right or left to the use.