All three beacons suddenly stopped working

All 6 of our Estimote Beacons are now dead as well. Dropping an email as suggested.

Jim, thank you for reporting this. Hope the issue is solved, otherwise feel free to contact us!

Any recommendations from Estimote on what (not) to do? Is the newest SDK safe to use? Was it a bad batch of beacons causing the issue? Was it iOS 7.X? Any information would be useful.

Hi Max,

New Beacons from the current batch are shipped with adjusted default settings, allowing for more than 18 months on a single battery. We're also working on both software and hardware measures to improve battery performance. There's more info on that on our blog:

Hi! I am having the same issue. What should I do? Do I need to replace the battery?


Yes, the battery change will do the job. Please shoot me a line I will advice you how to do that. Thanks!


Already did. Thanks!


Great! In case you have problems you can always reach me.

I am having same issue with all three of my beacons as well.
Battery change required??


Hi Jon,

I've just answered your email, please check your inbox :)