Sample app showing trilateration with Estimote Beacons by Mathijs Vreeman

Mathijs Vreeman has build a sample app to showcase a method for trilateration with Estimote Beacons. Look up his work on GitHub.

The link you provided above is not working, can you please check and give a new link. As I am working on the same it would be a great help for me.

Thanks and regards.


The previous repository should have been deleted, look at this one (Mathijs Vreeman is in credits).


Thank you RomainLebran for the link. I have tested it and working like a charm.
But now I need to make the location (x,y) more accurate, for that I took the average of 5 consecutive distances from 3 beacons but I couldn’t achieve what I want. Can you please help me to increase the accuracy.

What accuracy are you aiming for? Maybe give our Indoor Location a try:

Hi @heypiotr,

I am talking about getting precise location update without using indoor sdk. As I understand that the distance calculated is not stable, the output will also be fluctuating so how can I fix this.please give some suggestions.

Set the broadcasting power to maximum, set the advertising interval to some low value (100 ms is best, but will kill the battery quickly, 200–300 might be a good compromise), and implement some averaging/smoothing out the outlier values. Also make sure there’s a clear line of sight to the beacon.

Out of curiosity, any reason you don’t want to consider the Indoor SDK? We’ve already done all the hard work of implementing sophisticated algorithms to combat the fluctuations. From our experience, you won’t be able to achieve good precision with trilateration—believe me, we’ve been working on our Indoor SDK for about 2 years now.