Accelerometer: Notifications, Update Rate, Sensibility


three quick questions about the accelerometer in the stickers (all my stickers are dead already, so I currently cannot test it myself).

  1. Notifications: is it possible to subscribe to notifications of the raw accelerometer data via the GAT profile, e.g. iOS: CBPeripheral.setNotifyValue(Bool, forCharacteristic: CBCharacteristic)
  2. Update Rate: what is the update rate of raw accelerometer data? I need to detect motion changes along one axis which would occur about every second, so I would need at least an update rate of 100ms
  3. Sensibility: will the accelerometer provide fine grained data, or is it rather just for defining the way the sticker is facing? So if, e.g. the sticker is flat on an object and has an accelerometer reading of 1G on the z Axis, will the data detect a slow upward movement of the object?