Accelerometer Sensitivity

Hey - so I have been working with the accelerometer on the beacons (just got the stickers but haven’t started messing with them yet) and the reaction from the IsMoving state to not moving state is a bit delayed (i thought it was a second or two second delay).

Is there any way to adjust this or will there be any way in the near future to adjust this so it is more sensitive?


It’s a fixed 2-second delay at the moment, to make sure the beacon really stopped moving. At this time, it’s non-adjustable.

What do you want to use it for?

ok gotcha and is there a chance this will be adjustable sometime in the near term?

We’re always open to introducing more configuration options. Can you help us understand how you would want to use that?

we are basically trying to track the exact moment an item changes direction (and that item would have a beacon/sticker attached to it). happy to go into more details in a private setting if youd like some more info

Hmm, correct me if I’m wrong, but you need to be using the raw XYZ accelerometer data to figure out the change in direction? And there’s no delay there, that’s only for the “is moving” property.