About impressions or delivery nearby notification

hello, in relation to impressions.
Websites like phy or socifi can give me a data of devices which were delivered the notification. I’ve tested it with my proximity beacon.

How can I know how many devices the notification was delivered? This in relation to nearby, therefore to android devices.

Can I do it with the estimote API?


How do I get impressions from a proximity beacons?

or also from a location beacons … but without using here and now?

can I also see this on my dahsboard, in addition to some APIs to get the data on my website?


It’s important to understand that when a Nearby Notification is shown (= impression), the Android device doesn’t actually directly hit the URL. Instead, it goes through an intermediary “Physical Web Service”, which validates & ranks the URL, and fetches the web page metadata (title, description, favicon) and returns it to the Android device to use for the notification.

This Physical Web Service probably caches some data (= not all notifications/impressions will actually result in a request to the site), and it might also periodically validate/refresh its cache (= not all requests might actually be a result of a notification/impression).

Because of that, it’s actually very hard to accurately count impressions. You should treat all the impression numbers on an Physical-Web–based dashboard (including our Here & Now) as an attempted approximation.

You can read more about the concept of a Physical Web Service on:

(Note that this open-source version is not what Google actually uses for Nearby.)