Is it possible to get the number of times an Eddystone message is delivered to a device in case of chrome(nearby) notifications?

Is it possible to get the number of times an eddystone message is delivered to a device in case of chrome/nearby notifications from the Proximity beacon API?
If not, is there any way around by which we can track this number?

It’s possible, just not easy (: Which is why we’ve built Estimote Here & Now, so that you can simply enable it on a beacon and start gathering Physical Web analytics right away. Maybe you’d want to give it a try!



Thanks for that reply. Will definitely give it a try. Though I have a couple of questions:

  1. You mentioned about Physical Web notif but what about Nearby Notifications? Can we get Impressions count in Nearby too?
  2. What about caching because if a URL metadata is once cached into Chrome then the next time when the phone comes across the same beacon the Chrome will not request the server for getting the data as its already cached locally?


But this post confuses me… What are your views on it?

Sorry, I thought I replied to this, but somehow it got stack in drafts.

  1. Nearby Notifications is a super-set of Physical Web, i.e., Nearby can deliver Physical Web notifications, plus some other notifications. So yes, everything you can do with PW, you can also do with NN.

  2. We broadcast a special URL for Here & Now, it has a dynamic component to it, so it bypasses the cache.

Does Estimote Proximity beacon does support Here and Now?
Accordingly I’ll place the order today.

Here & Now is available for Location Beacons only at this time.

I am curious to know about how you are gathering the Physical Web Analytics and what is the definition of the terms “Impressions” & “Foot traffic”. “Clicks” is I assume as per the commonly understood definition in web parlance of accessing the page.

Context: I bought a couple of Location Beacons (friend’s account) and we configured it to show an URL. The URL is shown properly, but the number of impressions, foot traffic & clicks are like this:
Day 1: Impressions -> 228; Foot traffic -> 89; Clicks -> 0 (27/Jul)
Day 2: Impressions -> 1545; Foot traffic -> 118; Clicks -> 3 (28/Jul)
Day 3: Impressions -> 198; Foot traffic -> 163; Clicks -> 23 (31/Jul)

Now, I am trying to make sense out of this data as these beacons are placed in our office and there is no chance that more than 200 people ever passed through the place on all 3 days put together. So, on an average if I assume that 75 people moved in & out of the office, then the numbers just don’t tally. At any single point of time note more than 15 people are in the vicinity of the beacon.

Are notifications on a device and impressions the same?

Unless I have this information I cannot take it to any of my customers as I don’t know what I am getting as data.


great questions Ramki, but did you get to know the answer? It would help me a lot since I have the same question


While we’re not gonna share the exact inner workings of H&N, the basic idea is to count the requests from the Physical Web Service which validates/ranks the URLs before they’re shown to the user.

This however isn’t an exact method, I explained why in this post:

thanks @heypiotr … regards