Proximity beacon accuracy is lower than expected

How accurate are these beacons, when people come in and out of the proximity? The beacons we use very rarely send a URL notification. It sends notifications about 10% of the time which is very very low compared to WiFi.

Can you tell us a bit more? When you say a URL notification, do you mean you’re using Google Nearby built into Android? Or do you have your own app that scans for beacons and publishes notifications?

Ok, The Eddystone URL is enabled but shows sometimes and not every time when a device enters the proximity. The URL rarely shows. When it does it only shows on my phone.

Are you using an Android device with Google Nearby enabled?

Google Nearby is filtering the URLs with poor click-through rates and/or that are being hidden a lot by the users.

There are a few discussions about the reliability of Nearby w/ Physical Web here:

And you could also consider opening a bug report with the Google Nearby team:

Yes, we are using Google Nearby,
We have devices looking for the notifications.

I got 3 beacons from 3 different companies. They all are similar when enabling Eddystone URL. When I enable them, 2 beacons show with the physical web and Google Nearby, and Samsung closeby. The 3 Estimote beacons are the only one that does not show at all unless I am in the app. When i first enabled them for the first time only the blue beacon was showing.