410 error when try to update the ProximityUUID

I am trying to update the ProximityUUID then i got "Error Domain=com.estimote Code=410 "Service not available.""

I am using following method to update the ProximityUUID

Hi Bhavesh,

Could you share some more details? Are you using the latest version of Estimote SDK and what is the hardware revision of the beacon in question (you can check it in Estimote Cloud). Also, is that happening only with a single beacon or with all of them?


Hi Wojtek,

I am using Estimote SDK Version: 2.2.1, Firmware Version of hardware device is A2.2.0 and Hardware Version is D3.3.

I have tested this with only one device.

Following method is used to update the

  • (void)writeProximityUUID:(NSString*)pUUID completion:(ESTStringCompletionBlock)completion

Please let me know if i need to change anything.

Hi Wojtek,

Any update on this?

Can you try using the Estimote app to change the UUID, see if that works? Thanks!