You may want to buy beacons [ Error Message ]

Hello i want to use one of the provided templates, i have 6 registered Beacons on the cloud but when i try to choose a template i get the following message: “This template requires 1 beacon to work. Since you don’t have any, you may want to buy beacons”. I can’t find a way to add it. Any ideas?

Yes, the message is confusing, we’ll change that!

A few weeks ago we switched those templates to use Estimote Monitoring, our own technology for detecting proximity to beacons. Estimote Monitoring however is only available on beacons newer than D3.4, e.g. Location Beacons, or the Proximity Beacons with NFC.

If you have our first-generation beacons, you can instead follow our iBeacon/Android Beacon Region tutorials to build an app with beacons: The Android tutorial includes a ZIP with a ready-made project.