XCode lexical or preprocessor issue

First time I’ve used xCode so my apologies if this is a really simple question.

I’ve followed the tutorial on the website. Downloaded the sample code and then run in xCode. I get the following build error: Lexical or preprocessor issue expected: ‘:’.
The error is in this line in the ESTBeaconManager.h file:

(instancetype)initWithDelegate:(id<ESTBeaconManagerDelegate>)delegate NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER;

Anyone have a solution to this?

Is the error from the example app or your own?

I have a quick tutorial to help get set up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9wgm-4HdNM

Hi Jonbrits,

I am facing the same issue, how you fixed it?

I am using Xcode 6.3, Unity3d 4.6.3 and EstimoteSDK 3.2.3.


SDK 3.2.3 doesn’t have the initWithDelegate method at the moment. Are you seeing this error in the same place as the original poster?

EDIT: I can see you created a separate thread to describe the issue you’re facing, let’s keep the conversation there: Xcode 6.3, Unity3D 4.6.3, EstimoteSDK: ESTBeaconRegion.h not found