Xcode 6.3, Unity3D 4.6.3, EstimoteSDK: ESTBeaconRegion.h not found

Hi All,

I am integrating EstimoteSDK with Unity3D and XCode, I have exported xcode project from Unity3d, created Pods for it and try to run it, it always gives “Lexical or Preprocessor issue, ESTBeaconRegion.h no found”.

I have tried many ways to add new $(inherited) in several places in Build Settings using xcode, but no success, I have wasted 2 days searching and trying to fix it.

please help.


Which version of the SDK do you use? 3.x no longer has the ESTBeaconRegion, we replaced that with the CLBeaconRegion from Apple’s Core Location framework. Can you try cleaning:

  • the project (Product → Clean in Xcode)
  • the build folder (Product → hold the “option” key → Clean Build Folder)
  • and the Derived Data directory (Window → Projects → click on the project in the left bar → click the Delete button on the right)?