Esticafe in 10 minutes


I am a new estimate fan and I just received the developer preview kit. I’m not a obj-c or swift developer, only a manager.

I’m trying by myself to following the tutorial of “EstiCafe” and test it on my iphone.

I checked all steps but I have 4 red dots in Xcode and when I try to run I receive a “Build Failed”.

Can you help me?

Thanks. Andrea

Hey hello, glad to have you on board! :blush:

We hadn’t yet update the EstiCafe example with SDK 3.0 (soon!), so for now you need to make a few changes in your code to make it work:

  • replace all the ESTBeacon occurences with CLBeacon
  • replace all the ESTBeaconRegion occurences with CLBeaconRegion

We’ll be focusing a lot more on our Developer Portal in the coming weeks, so expect updates, new tutorials and other resources to get you started easily!

And always feel free to ask here, on forums, whenether you have any questions.

Happy coding! :boy: :point_right: :computer:

Thank you and happy Easter to all!