Swift Compiler issues with Estimote Cloud Apps

not Sure if I should be creating a new topic for this…

I’m new to ibeacon develepment ( and xcode in general) so thought that I’d check out the Cloud App - I’ve created and download one but am having issue when running.
Getting the following errors:
! ObjCBridge.h Swift Compiler Error. ’ EstimoteSDK/EstimoteSDK.h’ file not found
! Swift Compiler Error
Failed to import bridging header

Any ideas on how to solve would be much appreciated.


That’s weird. Can you try creating a new app now? We’ve uploaded some updates to the templates today, so maybe the problem’s gone now. If not, you can you send me the ZIP file downloaded from the cloud, for inspection?

Thanks for replying and sorry for asking for help with such a simple thing.
I did download again but with no luck.
Where shall I send the zip file to with the download.

thanks for your help.

Can you delete and re-create the app? Do you use the OS X’s built-in zip unarchiver?

You can send me the zip to piotr@estimote.com

I had the same problem. This is how I fixed it:

  1. I deleted the old EstimoteSDK.framework from the project
  2. I downloaded the new SDK from here: https://github.com/Estimote/iOS-SDK/archive/master.zip
  3. Then I unnpacked the archive, and drag-n-dropped the EstimoteSDK.framework file (it’s in the EstimoteSDK sub-directory) to the Xcode project. I made sure to check the ‘Copy items if needed’ checkbox.
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The Proxmitiy Content for Multiple Beacons (uswing Swift) is still not working:

#import “ESTSettingEddystoneTLMpower.h”

is not available and

“failed to import bridging header”.

For now I try to copy the SDK from github. Hope thats working.