Xamarin Bindings, samples nor sdk works


Just to get some extra eyes on this, the Xamarin bindings have never worked. The sample code and bidings do not return any devices, they aren’t even interfacing with a bluetooth adapter on the device.

The correct permissions have been set and aquired, the Estimote Android native libraries work fine but these xamarin bindings seem like they have never been tested.

This applies to versions:


any ideas?

Telemetry packet confusion

Hey @DogFive,

The Xamarin plugins are created and maintained independently of Estimote. AFAIK, the latest updates were more than a year ago, and our software, including the firmware on beacons, has changes a ton. If you’re able to use native Android solutions, I’d really recommend that over the plugin. We can’t really say if those plugins work, and there’s little we can do to get them updated in any way.



I can write a script to re-bind everytime you guys make a release on Jcenter. I just found out you guys are doing official releases through Jcenter and last night I was able to create a binding library for this and make it work correctly.

Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll upload to github.


Hey @DogFive, I’m actually experimenting with binding our new Android Proximity SDK (https://github.com/estimote/android-proximity-sdk) to Xamarin, so I’d love to compare notes and see how you went about binding the current Estimote SDK (:

I’ll be uploading my results soon to:



When you go to bind your Jars/AAR you have to place them inside the jar folder and build with the file as an embedded resource. It will shit out some warnings, sometimes its unable to bind automatically and you need to rewrite some wrapping functions manually. Make sure to create a Xamarin page and upload bindings to nuget so when people create a new solution they can easily resolve the references.

I’ll create bindings for the other SDKs you have and see how well they work. The current libraries on xamarin do not work.


Hello, I just downloaded the code and compile the jars… except one, kotlin-stdlib-1.2.0.jar-lite.jar, somehow this one doesn’t work or is created, do you have a updated script or something I need to do?

best regards,


I’m in the same boat, missing the jar-lite.jar file. Guess I’ll have to keep looking for other Xamarin (Android and iOS) examples.



I just tried and couldn’t reproduce the problem. Did you run the download_jars.sh script as the README suggests?