[Help] Which program to use for Android ? Currenly helpless on Visual Studio

Hello all,
Im now using Visual Studio with Xamarin to deploy beacons for my project but I find that Visual Studio has lack of documentation ?

I can only manage to find one page of documentation from https://components.xamarin.com/gettingstarted/estimotesdkandroid

And the worst thing is that I couldnt figure to fix why Item2 is red underlined, the error is
"object does not contain a definition for ‘Item2’ and no extension method ‘Item2’ accepting a first argument of type ‘object’ could be found(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

_region = this.GetBeaconAndRegion().Item2;

Should I change to Android Studio instead ? Since I see so many samples on Github by Estimote.

One thing worth mentioning is that initially we are using Xamarin for multiplatform usage. But something happened we had to do it on iOS and Android separately, if this is the case there is no point to do it on Xamarin(Visual studio) right ?

The Xamarin Estimote component is actually not developed by us, but by the Xamarin folks themselves—and recently, since they made the bindings open source, by the community itself.

It’s true that more people use the native Estimote Android SDK and Android Studio, so it’s definitely easier to find help.

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Hi Lozy. I am a Xamarin developer too. I tried a couple of months ago integrating Estimote beacons to my Xamarin Forms App without success. It was annoying and frustrating when you have to work with components that lack of documentation. I would like to know about your experience. Do you reach using Estimote with Visual Studio?