Win10 and IOT CORE


Hello, is there a way to detect motion from a Nearable sticker on a win10 device using C#? I want to try on a desktop first and then move to win10 iot core on Rasberry PI3.




It’s definitely possible. Windows Universal Apps have APIs for Bluetooth Advertisement and you can easily read them. Not sure if Raspberry Pi has bluetooth built it, so you’ll probably need external dongle for that.

Here you can find some examples (they’re for Windows Phone, but the principle and APIs are the same):

The problem is you’ll just receive the packet, and you’ll have to do everything by yourself (decoding the bytes and what means what).

There were also some discussion and code samples in this thread: Windows Universal App Support

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Thanks! I figured I would have to decode bytes. The main thing I want to is to detect movement!

It would be awesome for Estimote to provide SDK for windows, with all the diff devices phones are not the only thing these Beacons could be used for.