Beacon reading accuracy on Windows 10


We are developing a Windows Forms Application that reads beacons using
Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.Advertisement. BluetoothLEAdvertisementWatcher class.

This app is installed in a Windows 10 PC with a Bluetooth dongle, and we are testing estimote beacons technology to check if it fits our needs. In our observations we see (in our application, but also in the Settings panel -> Bluetooth option) that beacons seem to disappear for time to time (sometimes for more than 30 seconds), even if they are still (for example sitting on top of a table).

Is this a correct behavior? Has it something to do with Windows, or estimate beacons? What can we do to get more reliable readings? We have tried using a smaller Advertisement interval, stronger TX Power, but none of these options seems to help.

We were planning to place a big order of estimate beacons, but as it stands right now this does not fit our needs, because we need to read beacons that are in a closed space (and can be in motion) and all readings must be as accurate as possible so we can check when a beacon leaves the space (within a threshold of time that is acceptable), but since we cannot get consistent readings, it seems that we may have to check what other options are available.

We would appreciate your comments since we are in the process of reviewing what technology to use in our project.

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Mónica Pinto

We’re having the same problem. Have you been able to find a solution?

Hi all,

are you using ranging or monitoring technology?
The monitoring one has a “guard-time” of several seconds (~ 30 seconds) before it shows notification so maybe it’s related.

I don’t see those as an option on the BluetoothLEAdvertisementWatcher class

Hi Travis,

Unfortunately we have not found a solution. We are evaluating raspberry pi as an option for replacing windows application …

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Look at this


sorry I was focused on Estimote so its seemed to me that you were using the Estimote technology…
Have you ever tried to scan with a Raspberry? Just to know if the “disappearing” point is already happening.

Hello Monica

I am a retired systems engineer looking to use the Estimote beacons as part of a Proof-of-Concept project to allow an electric wheelchair to navigate between locations in a home or care facility. This is a non-commercial exercise; I am doing this to help people with major physical disabilities. Are you able to share a simple version of your windows beacon watcher program as this would provide me a start point on Windows.

Doug Livingstone
ps: you can see my web site which needs updating, however it provides some details of what I am doing.