Windows 10 APP help


I’m very new to this forum and I need help for windows 10 app beacon detection and decoding.
App is developped and debug on a laptop

I have experimented both UniversalBeacon and Windows.Devices.Bluetooth and seems able to handle beacon signal.
Unluckely I can’t find any clear documentation on data decoding (especially telemetry data).

I would be grateful for any sample or suggestions.

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Here are specifications of Nearable and Telemetry packets in a form Node.js examples:

You need to port them to Windows (or maybe there already is a Noble implementation for Windows).

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Thanks for your help!

Have you got specifications for packet to parse uid, major, minor, name etc ?


UUID/major/minor = iBeacon packet, that’s Apple’s, the spec is on their own developer portal: (note the iBeacon license agreement you have to accept first, I’m not sure you’re allowed to use it with Windows APIs)

Bluetooth “local device name” is in our Estimote Connectivity packet AFAIR, but we currently don’t share the specs for that packet. Keep in mind this is different from the beacon name, which is stored in Estimote Cloud. (e.g., our “local device name” is currently just “EST” for all current-generation beacons)