Sticker Beacon - question


  • Can i do this with a “Sticker Beacon”:

A) When a sticker beacon has been moved (motion sensor)
B) Send https post to a custom RestAPI

  • Possible?
  • Need to trigger an event when a beacon is moved.

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Sure thing! Just remember that the beacon itself has no Internet connection, so there needs to be some Internet-connected Bluetooth device that’ll detect the sticker and that it’s in motion (stickers broadcast that information over Bluetooth), and do the POST request. People usually use smartphones or Raspberry Pi-like devices for that.

What’s your project, if you don’t mind sharing? (:

Hej Heypiotr,

  • Got a retail/environment project where they want to trigger events/when someone is touching / moving any of their products (in their store).

  • Except the RestAPI waiting for the trigger then this might be best?:

A) Use the bluetooth beacon in a rasberry pi
B) Scan Estiomte beacons
C) When a beacon has moved - trigger an Ajax request to a player

  • should work also?


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  • Where does values for movement - being sent to?
  • Can i customize it so the beacon sends values to a custom RestApi?

If you want display content on the screen using Raspberry Pi, maybe Estimote Mirror is a solution for you?

It can scan for beacons and stickers and invoke visual actions based on their movement. Since it is build around web browser it is possible to make Rest requests with it.


  • Can i use that device to like: When movement > play http://%server%/product-%name%.html? (a stream url)

  • Can i use a Rasberry pie to also detect movement?

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Yes you can. But better way will be to store content on the device itself and play it from local storage. This way you avoid problems with poor WiFi/internet quality. I would suggest the same approach for solution based on Raspberry Pi.
Yes, Raspberry Pi would also detect movement. Beacons/Stickers advertise this information to any device that scans for BLE packets.


Really cool - ordering stickers!!

Will be cool to test this!!

Also you can double check my - setup plan - all that should work correct?

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One more question: do you have any good Linux / script / example i can look at?

Like a Linux script …> scan for BLE… .

There’s an example Node.js script to detect the signal from stickers here:

It uses a Node.js “noble” library for Bluetooth scanning:

Works just fine on Rasp Pi!

Cool - will start testing with this!

  • Thanks!