Wherewherewhere isisis mymymy ESTIMOTE?

I pre-order this, and I haven’t received yet until now.
I have sent many emails, receiving the same answers: I am really sorry… Like this

Sorry for the delay - we know you’ve been waiting for the stickers slightly longer than expected! For the past months we’ve been working super-hard to make them perfect. We’ve been focused on polishing the enclosures, form factor, firmware and SDK, and we’re almost there!

Estimote Stickers are already shipping in limited quantities. First we will deliver to people who have pre-orderd back in August and those who participated in our action to promote stickers on Twitter in exchange for having their orders prioritized. In the upcoming weeks we’ll continue ramping up the shipping process and delivering pending orders. Huge thanks for your patience!

Almost there???
My pre-order date is August 24th, 2014, and ONE year?


Hi Jia,

Really sorry for the wait. As we mentioned in the email exchange, our top priority at this point is to improve our manufacturing and shipping processes. The demand for stickers is massive, and while we have already started shipping them, we’re still yet to hit full capacity. We expect this to happen soon and we’re constantly picking up pace, but we’re not quite yet at full capacity.

Your order was placed in August, so you should be expecting it in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I still cannot offer you a specific date, but rest assured, it’s extremely important for us to hit mass production capacity ASAP.

Sorry again.