Estimation delivery date

Hey there,
First of all, I’m pretty fond of your beacons, your SDK and your support! So don’t get my following question wrong: I’m very excited and not pissed (;
We preordered stickers in March and announced delivery date was early summer. But so far, we didn’t get them, even if we want them so badly! May it be possible to give a rough estimation, when we could expect them? I think your support isn’t allowed to do this, so they will not awake false hopes. Couldn’t you just divide your current backlog by your weekly output? I swear we will not be angered, if given estimation differs two or three weeks from actual delivery date. Best wishes, Stephan

Hi Stephan,

Really sorry about the long delay! The demand for stickers has been huge and we didn’t do a good job of estimating delivery times. The good news is: we’ve hit mass production capacity and got it mostly under control now (phew!) so if you send me your pre-order number to wojtek[at]estimote[dot]com, I’ll be able to give you an ETA.

Sorry for the wait once again.


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when is the next batch going to be ready ?

We’re now shipping stickers on an ongoing basis, and are through with the greatest chunk of the backlog, so it shouldn’t be much longer till we ship the remaining pre-orders. Feel free to ping us at with your pre-order number, and we’ll be able to give you an ETA.

Hello! We are going to go for stickers on our next app, but we need the stickers home within 15 days at most. If we order now, will they be here in that time? (“here” is Madrid, Spain). We can use beacons instead, but we would prefer stickers.


Hi @WhiteRock,

Unfortunately, current lead time for stickers is 10-12 weeks :disappointed: We’d love to deliver them to you earlier, but the queue is quite big and we don’t want bypass the old orders. Sorry!