When will the sticker be shipped?

I have ordered a pack of stickers last month. When will it be shipped?

Hi Yulin,

Pre-orders will start shipping later this Fall and we'll continue delivering them throughout subsequent weeks. I'm not yet able to give a specific date for your order. Hope it's not a problem.


I am after the dev kit too for work. As it is already coming into Nov, would you able to provide an estimate timeframe (month) for shipping?

Hi again!

I'm sorry, we really don't know the ETA yet, but we're working hard to start shipping soon.


pending since 02/09/2014 a pre-order stickers, can I count on a delivery in the next few weeks (see next days ...) ?

Best regards,

Hi Vincent,

I'm sorry for the delay, but we're a bit behind schedule as we've been maniacally focused on getting the Stickers perfect. We've gone through literally dozens of variations of material for the enclosure, to get it just right. We have exceptionally high design standards that our customers have come to trust and rely on us for and we felt it important to incur a bit of a delay rather than compromise on those.

We're tracking toward beginning first shipment in a few weeks but I can't provide a specific date at this time.

Is there an update on sticker shipments? I ordered mine on Oct. 6.

Hi All. I felt in love with Stickers. But a bit disappointed as they still cannot be ordered. Any update?

Darrell, Konrad,

Stickers are still at pre-order stage. We are already shipping in limited quantities first to people who ordered back in August and then to those who place the order the following months. I'm sorry for the delay, polishing the product took us more time then expected. We much appreciate your patience!


If I’d place an order for a sticker pack, when should I expect to receive it?

I ordered in October. Mine have not arrived yet.