Estimote Stickers

I was wondering if I order Estimote Stickers today, when can I expect it to be shipped? Also, will the stickers work with the Estimote android SDK? Thanks!

Hi Aniruddha,

There's huge interest in stickers, so pre-orders will start shipping later this Fall and we'll continue delivering them throughout subsequent weeks. We're not yet able to give specific timeframes for individual orders. Hope it's not a problem. Also Stickers will not work with Android SDK.

I just bought stickers to use with ibeacon on android to send user to certain web page is this going to work?

Im a Remax Agent marketing homes with movies that are location sensitive. Sample of url im trying to activate with the sticker are the tabs on left

When will stickers arrive?

Should have purchased beacons instead? Or will sticker do the job for each room?

I think in this case Estimote Beacons will work better, I think the Bubble app described in our Get Inspired section might give you some ideas: However please mind that the app works only with iOS.