What's bugging you in Estimote SDK & app? Help us fix it!

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Indoor Location SDK made available on Android. It really puts a damper on using this approach when over half of a client’s retail market cannot take advantage of this technology option.

Thank you for your feedback! We wholeheartedly agree. We just don’t want to rush into releasing something that will technically be there, but won’t work that great—and Android ecosystem is very challenging when it comes to nailing Indoor Location down. Huge variety of devices with different quality of Bluetooth support, form factors (which affects the signal), sensors, etc. Rest assured that Indoor for Android remains a very high priority for us!

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Telemetry packet bugs. Definitely annoying, and also haven’t found a way to get accelerometer/motion data from Location beacons yet

Already working on fixing that! (: Should make it into the next SDK update.

Duplicate notifications with multiple entry and exit with beacon still being on, is still happening. I’m IOS 10 & Estimoate SDK 4.11.2. The Operation queue work arround is not helping either. Any suggesstions ?

Thank you