Bluetooth stops with bg scan period set to 1 second

We are developing an application for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android 4.3
I found that when I use setBackgroundScanPeriod() method to be every second the bluetooth service stopped with only one beacon around.

I think the problem related with this bug #67272 but on estimote sdk FAQ it stated that the problem occurs when there is a lot of beacons around. How can I solve this problem

You mean your Bluetooth crashes? Are there any error messages? Or do you just stop seeing “start/stop LE scan” messages in the console? What exactly is happening?

Note that one second background scan is highly impractical. Background scan is used for monitoring, i.e., determining enter/exit events, and one-second worth of data won’t be too helpful for that, especially with less responsive devices (like Galaxy S3). The default value is a 10-second scan, a value we picked carefully, and we probably wouldn’t recommend anything less than 5 seconds.

The Bluetooth service crashes and “Bluetooth share has stopped” error message appears whenever I start the application again.

I will try to use higher values for background scan intervals and will update you with results.
Thanks for your help.