Example BLE Scanner IoT-App NOT working

I am trying to run the BLE Scanner example but the result of the scans seems to never reach the estimote cloud.

Note that I managed to have the Alert Button example work fine, i.e., for each call to cloud.enqueue(…) on the LTE Beacon (displayed in the Live Event Log left from the Micro-app Code), I see a corresponding trace on the Live Event Log of the cloud (left from the Cloud Code).

For the BLE Scanner example, on the contrary, while I do see traces on the Live Event Log of the LTE Beacon, no trace is ever displayed on the Live Event Log of the Cloud.

Is there something I am missing here or is it a known bug?

cloud.enqueue takes an object as an argument, not an array. So it should be like:

    cloud.enqueue('nearby', {assets: assets } );

You can implement catch for promise returned by ble.startScan and you should see the bad args error.
Thanks for pointing that out. We fill fix example soon.

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Cloud code was working before the carrier was connected,
But now cloud code not working I’m sending the json object, after connected to the carrier

There is no Cloud code in BLE Scanner template. What cloud code are you refereeing to?
If you changed structure of an object that is sent via cloud.enqueue you also need to change cloud code that handles it.

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