UWB Device Limit: SDK Constraint or Hardware Bound?

Is there a limit on the number of supported UWB devices? I can detect and measure up to 6 devices using the Estimote iOS SDK. If I have more beacons nearby, the SDK throws an exception.

Even the official Estimote UWB app can’t see more than 6. Can anyone confirm if there is a hard limit or if this is an issue with the SDK?

Please see the section “Manually connecting to UWB Beacons” of the UWB SDK GitHub documentation.

At the moment if you don’t connect to beacons manually the phone automatically connects to nearby beacons and keep the BLE connection and UWB ranging. iPhone cannot handle that many BLE connections, so if you want to range with many many beacons around the best would be to connect/disconnect with them manually.

That way you can connect > get distance > disconnect and connect to next one.