Can't connect to multiple UWB beacons on Android

Hi folks,

I have 3 Estimote UWB beacons and I’m using a Pixel 8 Pro. When I start uwb ranging using uwbManager.connect(...) it works well for the first beacon but the other 2 beacons are being disconnected. See the following logs:

UwbMangerImpl Creating Gms Client session scope
UWBRanger     Error when removing Please check that the ranging is active and theranging profile supports multi-device ranging.
UWBRanger     RangingResultPeerDisconnected address:0F:B7

How to resolve the issue? Is the ranging profile related to the android device? On iOS it works.

Kind regards,

The problem you’re facing with the Esstimote UWB beacons is because the Android app can’t handle more than one beacon at a time. This doesn’t happen on iPhones. For now, just use one beacon at a time with your Pixel 8 pro. Keep an eye out for any updates from Estimote that might fix this in the future.

Is that due to a hardware limitation or just not implemented yet in the estimote sdk?