Limit of simultaneous beacon connections?

Is there a limit of beacons connected simultaneously to the same iPad?

I’m building an app to track movement and temperature of different items inside a warehouse. In my initial tests I’m able to connect to 3 beacons, but I wonder if there will be a problem with 10 or 20 beacons connected at the same time to the same device.

Ha, good question. I don’t think we limit the number of simultaneous connections in our SDK, in which case it’s more of a question about a limit of simultaneous BLE connections in iOS.

This Stack Overflow thread says it was 10 in iOS 6:

And I also found this thread on the Texas Instruments’ forums claiming that it’s about ~20:

I guess it’d be best to check the limit empirically (: If you do test this, it’d be great if you could share your findings here for other developers looking for this info in the future. Thanks!


Initially, I estimate we’re going to use around 6 beacons, so the 10 limit sounds fine.

If I can make additional I’ll let you know.