UWB Beacons using CameraAssist

Hi, I would like to use the UWB beacons on a newer iPhone and am therefore tempted to enable the CameraAssist flag to obtain the direction estimate. In my app, I am already using a ARKit session, and as soon as the flag becomes enabled, the camera feed becomes stuck. This does not happen if the flag is disabled, in which case the Estimote SDK works as expected.

Is that a known issue? And also, is there a way to avoid this?

I would suspect that the Estimote SDK internally creates its own ARKit session, which won’t work if the app using the SDK already has its own ARKit session? The Apple nearby interaction frameworks provides the following API to re-use an existing ARKit session: setARSession(_:) | Apple Developer Documentation. It would be great if that option would be exposed through the Estimote SDK!