UWB Beacon Raspberry PI compliant antennas

Hello techs,

we are running an academical project on our university that is planning to use UWB Beacons together with an raspberry pi 3.We are therefore thinking about the assets that are necessary to receive the UWB signals.
Can you provide us somehow a technical specification for the sensor that we need to receive signals from the uwb beacons.
Especially we thought about the following UWB chip: http://www.unisetcompany.com/shop/sequitur-ranging

Do you see any chance to get your hardware running using this configuration?
Thank you for your support and best regeards,

N. Loewe

Hi @N.Loewe, welcome!
I admit I’m not 100% clear on what the Raspberries would be doing in this scenario. Can you give us some more details on that?
Generally speaking, though, it’ll be tough to get the Raspberry and our beacons to communicate. Depending on what you’re trying to build, it might make more sense to use more beacons — or try something else entirely.

Hi @Raphael,

thank you for your reply. We plan as part of an university project to build a model car that is based on lego mindstorms and is controlled by a rasperry pi. The usecase is that our car should be able to drive towards a specific beacon or into the middle of the beacon area. We therefore need to retrieve the position of the pi from the beacons to use it in our application that controlls the beahvior of the model car. Furthermore it would be interesting for us to retrieve the map that is created by the beacons for example from the cloud or directly.
We therefore need some assistance on how to connect the pi to the beacons and how to retrieve the data.

BR Nico

It looks like our Robotics SDK is just the thing for you then (: http://developer.estimote.com/robotics/

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That’s awesome. Thank you very much.
I have no idea on how we couldn’t find that before.